Using Textmate and Markdown: An Update

After a long summer of work away, it’s time to return to routine. I spent much of the summer working with Evernote–trying to find the best way to center more of my work around it. Where I once experimented with many apps and services, I’m now in a space where I want to centralize as much of my work as possible. And as I work in more spaces and on more machines, Evernote seems like the best fit. I still wish there were more transparent means of exporting data and viewing a file structure within the service; however, for my current needs, Evernote is a fine point of capture. In the weeks ahead, I will try to document some of the ways I am using Evernote in hopes that my workflow might be of help to those interested in research, teaching, or general information capture.

On a related note, my post on Markdown and Evernote has seen a fair bit of traffic, and in the comments section Stephen Margheim has offered a smart Applescript that helps to automate some of the Evernote-Markdown process. If that post brought you to the blog, don’t miss Stephen’s contribution. Additionally, Stephen has a number of interesting app overviews on his blog, and his Applescript collection is especially valuable. Both are worth a look.

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