A Semester of Evernote

This semester, in COM200 (an introduction to digital media), my students will take on a large blogging project. Each student will choose a topic she/he is interested in, use RSS to read other blogs on the topic (by semester’s end, each student should be actively reading 100+ RSS feeds), follow subject experts on Twitter, track tags via social bookmarking, etc. A major outcome of the course asks students to follow large streams of data and then work with tools that allow them to filter, curate, and archive that data. Each student develops expertise in a subject of their choosing, but the class, collectively, gains skills in managing data, attention awareness, crap detection, and–most importantly–writing.

This is something of a new assignment for me, so I will join the students in this endeavor, and I will use this blog space to write about my topic of choice: Evernote. There are number of people doing smart things with Evernote–from managing student projects to using it in conjunction with Scrivener for writing–so I expect it to be a compelling topic.

My goal, then, as I work along with my students, is to use some of this space for talking about Evernote–what has worked for me, innovate uses for capturing & working with research data, and, of course, finding ways to automate and generally nerd up Evernote workflows.

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