Another SublimeEvernote Update

Thanks to the great contributions of Emanuele D’Osualdo, there a number of updates to SublimeEvernote, including:

* Open note: fetch from Evernote, convert to markdown
* Update note: save edits to an opened note back to Evernote
* Caching of notebooks
* Markdown2 updated to 2.2.1

If we can at some point verify that this fork works with Sublime Text 2 (an ongoing problem, since I’ve fully migrated to 3), I think it should be added to Package Control. I need to contact jamiesun and ask if he is willing to merge the fork into the original repo or if he would rather have this listed as a new package.

Any Sublime2 users willing to test?

Update 02/15/14: Emanuele has added another series of commits that includes support for tags & notebook selection in the form of YAML metadata. This is a welcome and much-requested feature. Time to update.

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